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Client Support#


  • Own all first level support interactions with customers (24/5)
  • Provides During-OfficeHours Customer Emergency phone support
  • Escalation processes to Platform / TAM / Lagoon / Sales / Billing / Service Delivery
  • Documentation for support processes
  • Assisting platform / lagoon documentation
  • Coordinates with Platform Ops Team for escalation of platform issues
  • Monitor and report on common support issues
  • Open Statuspage incidents that are directly impacting customers but handover to Platform team to manage incidents.
  • Management of support tooling eg. Halp, JIRA service desk
  • Documentation for the hosting platform


  • No 24/7 on-call
  • No 2nd / 3rd level support
  • Solve platform issues Pagerduty for platform issues
  • Escalation to VSHN / AWS / GCP / Azure / Fastly
  • Updates to statuspage
  • Documentation for Lagoon
  • Post incident reports



  • Global Support Lead
  • Systems Support Engineer

Current Staffing#


1x Systems Support Engineer