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See more in our glossary doc.

Term Description
Zoom We use Zoom for video-calls and webinars oom for video-calls and webinars
VSHN Our partner company helping us in all sorts of fields from maintenance to building the toolchains around K8s
UI User Interface
TAM Technical Account Manager
SpreadsheetOps To automate something with a spreadsheet ;-)
Slack Slack is our main tool for written communication
SaaS Software as a Service
SU Stand Up
SSLOps Engineering work on SSL certificate recreation/monitoring
RocketChat RocketChat is an open source clone of Slack and we use it for customer and communication around Lagoon -
MFA Multi-Factor Authentication
Lagoon Our fully open source Build and Deploy system for Kubernetes see Github-Repository
K8s Short for Kubernetes
IAM Identity and Access Management
EMEA Standardized four letter abbreviation for: Europe, the Middle East and Africa
CTO Chief Technology Officer
CFO Chief Financial Officer
API Application Programming Interface
APAC Standardized four letter abbreviation for: Asia-Pacific
AMER Standardized four letter abbreviation for: Americas