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Sales Slack Channels#

Following a list of the most important channels and their intended usage.

Channel Name Usage
#team-sales-opportunities To discuss Sales Qualified Leads and Opportunities, any input from outside the sales team is more than welcome
#team-sales-help Any question/issue/inquiry to be discussed by the team with the sales team
#team-sales-gong To sharing major wins with the broader team 🔔
#team-sales-engineering To discuss technical challenges, solutions, questions as well as workshops, prof. serrvices, ramp-up packages with people outside of sales engineering
#team-sales-client-services To discuss topics between Sales and Client Services (e.g. handovers,...)
#team-sales-marketing To discuss topics between Sales and Marketing (e.g. campaigns, lead follow-up, webinars, collaterals,...)
#team-sales-competitors To discuss sales related topics around competitors
#client-[clientname] Let’s have a channel with any prospect we shared a sandbox environment with, we keep the channel once the prospect gets a customer.
#client-[clientname]-internal Internal communication about the prospect/customer
#flow-sales-docusign Showing incoming emails to the email address behind Sales Docusign
#flow-sales Showing incoming emails to
#flow-sales-contracts Showing incoming signed contracts coming from DocuSign or other sources (email)
#workstream-sales Internal channel of the sales team for internal discussions, not related to opportunities or SQL.