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Technical Account Manager#

Who is the TAM?#

Technical Account Managers (TAM) at are highly-skilled, risk-averse, Cloud Native technical consultants that help clients architect, deploy and maintain applications using the Open Source Lagoon hosting platform. In addition to technical consultation, our TAMs will work as advocates on behalf of our clients internally at to help provide context, insight, and authority throughout the lifecycle of the relationship.

As part of our regular duties on the TAM team, we actively monitor for potential threats, trends, and opportunities for improvement. These items will be proactively communicated with insight and the details needed to make sound technical decisions.

Who needs a TAM?#

We recommend any customer that has a mission-critical solution needing regular external guidance, support, and/or training to help ensure the successful delivery of those solutions using Lagoon have a dedicated TAM engagement.

Additionally, we have limited engagement offerings (“Burstable TAM”) for any planned digital delivery event that needs consultation, proactive monitoring, and/or real-time support.

What sets our TAM program apart from others?#

At we pride ourselves on the “Technical” part of the program as all of our team members are highly experienced and regularly trained individuals on cloud technologies and their best practices. As a team, we regularly meet to discuss and present on our client’s projects and use of Lagoon. We are always looking for subject matter experts across our organization to help participate in our recommended solutions.

We also are of the firm belief that while we enjoy growing our own business we will not set sales objectives ahead of recommending or doing “what is right” for our clients. TAMs are dedicated to your success and growth as a business.


During the course of the TAM engagement, TAMs will be responsible for our client’s successful technical use of products and services. As such they will pro-actively monitor the client’s use of Lagoon and related technologies for security, performance, and general “best practice” based on industry standards. More importantly, they will optimally work towards the client’s stated goals and objectives.

TAMs will also manage regular communication with their assigned clients in order to provide insight into the health and status of their products and services. This will be in the form of regular touchpoint meetings, email/chat channel communication, post-mortems, and meaningful reporting.

Participation in client roadmap and architecture discussions is an important part of providing the highest TAM value and we will actively ask for insight and feedback to these items for context and clarity.

Additionally, TAMs can provide planned technical enablement training to client team members in an effort to keep project and delivery cadence optimal.

What TAMs will not be responsible for#

Below is a list of things a TAM will not be responsible for and which tend to cause confusion during the early stages of the engagement. We want to call these out early and limit any potential for misaligned expectations in an effort to optimally use this role to drive successful outcomes.

  • TAMs are not to be considered as augmented development resources. While they can deeply interact with the development team and can provide code level recommendations, they will not be creating pull requests or making application code changes. This is solely the responsibility of the client and/or their development resources.
  • TAMs will not replace support organization and its processes. If there is a support need it should always start with our support team’s defined process first, and at which point it can then be escalated with the TAM for extra attention or insight.
  • TAMs cannot be considered as a stand-in for missing/absent technical resource roles.

Types of TAM engagements#


Our Technical Account Managers are a paid-for dedicated resource with tiered engagement levels based on expected monthly engagement.

In an effort to assure optimal use of the TAM time and optimal resource planning on’s end, TAM time allocation cannot be “banked” for future use. If more hours are needed for a given period, we have “burstable” options (see Burst engagement below) available and they need to be discussed at least 30 days in advance.

Burst engagement#

We offer burstable engagements that are designed to provide the high value of the TAM during a planned event period. This can be added to an existing agreement or for a set period of time. We ask that our customers inform us at least 30 days in advance for proper discovery and resource planning. The engagement must take place within a 90 day period (or one business quarter) and are available in tiered blocks.