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Culture and Values# is a team of passionate, open-minded, highly-motivated, skilled, and creative people. Together we rethink and build modern and secure web hosting solutions.

Mission Statement#

As part of the Open Definition Project initiative the team defined the Purpose, Vision and Mission of collaboratively.


We help people and organizations share their stories, information, and services with the world.


Our vision is to help empower organizations with industry-leading tools and processes to accelerate web application innovations and increase trust among teams to drive the evolution of the web.


To be the foremost open WebOps company providing technical advice, superior support and a platform that is scalable, reliable, flexible and secure, built collaboratively with our customers.


We take inspiration from companies, such as GitLab and VSHN. We're not perfect but we aim to improve on a daily basis.

🛡 Trust#

We trust each other as a team. Our customers trust us to act fully in their interest. Trust is hard to earn but easy to lose.

👁️ Transparency#

We strive to be as open as possible. Being transparent helps us in gaining trust in tough situations (think about a good post mortem after an outage).

The heart of our company is driven by open source and we interface daily with communities and customers using our solutions.

🤝 Collaboration#

We strive to help our team as well as our customers. Together we are strong.