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Online Learning Resources#


Ensure you have a set goal within a set timeframe and are in alignment with your lead who in return can help make sure enough time is made available to work on your education plan.

Ensure we have a fair way of sharing our learning resources across the company.

This does not define the regulation on certification (who is allowed to do which certification, what does pay, etc.) - this is happening in another document.

If all resources are allocated and an additional resources are needed, IT will check with Management if additional resources can be added.


Shared Learning Resources#

We have shared learning resources which can be assigned when the following conditions are met:

  • You have voiced your interest in creating an education plan with your lead.
  • The education plan covers a work related topic
  • Your Lead has checked how the shared learning resources are available before continuing work on an education plan.
  • You and your lead have agreed on an education plan and learning resources are available for the planned timeframe

Next, resources will be made available to you for the agreed duration. This is typically 3-6 months. If an extension is needed, the Lead will coordinate with the Employee and create a new plan based learnings from the earlier plan and according to resource availability.

The cost for using shared learning resources will not be deducted from your annual education budget, as it is a shared resource.

Dedicated Learning Resources#

If you prefer to have dedicated learning resources assigned to you more permanently or you want to learn something that is not specifically work related, you may make a request. The resource fees will be deducted from your annual education budget. This will be roughly 25% of your annual education budget. (You can only cancel the dedicated learning resources once a year).

Juniors: 1st full year with dedicated learning resources, no deduction of your annual education budget.


The usage of these resources are tracked by the IT Workstream.

Alternative Resources#

There are many resources out in the wild, here a collection of our favorites:

  • Focused on learning to code with free basic courses.
  • Industry recognized credits and certifications
  • Most courses can be visited for free and certified at a very low cost.
  • Courses can be visited for free with low cost certification.
  • Non-Profit, offering free education to anyone, anywhere.
  • Popular for their nanodegrees in collaboration with companies.
  • Low entry, large selection of courses.