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Out of office#

Heading into a vacation? Good, you earned it! In order to ensure smooth sailing for the rest of the team please follow the following steps.

Request the time off#

Done through Bamboo. Any time off is needed to be approved by your lead.

Planning phase#

After the leave is approved, you can execute the following items

1 week prior#

  • Ensure your customers know you are on leave, and when you return
  • Defer any non-essential work until your return
  • Decline or reschedule any existing regular meetings (e.g. weekly syncs). Add a note to the decline to make it obvious in Google Calendar
  • Handover work to a colleague that must take place during your absence (do it early so your peers can ask back if there would be questions)
  • If you are on-call make sure your 1st and 2nd level shifts are covered by someone else
  • If you have open tasks that might come up during your vacation create a post in the #amazeeio-wdydt channel with the following information:
    • Project
    • Contacts (mail and phone)
    • Tasks that you were working on
    • Whom you handed it over to

Last day before heading out#

  • Set a status on Slack that you are out of office
  • Add - OOO until ... in your Slack display and full name to make sure external partners and clients know you are not available
  • Enable an autoresponder on your e-mail and direct people to in case the matter needs to be handled during your absence

Example Out of Office message:

Thank you for your e-mail.

I am out of office, returning on Monday YYYY-MM-DD.

If you need to get a hold of our support team, please send an e-mail to

Best regards

If all of the above is done - Enjoy your time off!

Tricks for disconnecting during your time off#

Walking away from Slack might be challenging due to so many non-work-related channels which are fun to read and participate in. Take those few steps below might be nothing new, but it helps establish a boundary during your vacation. If you are still using your computer and your phone, it might be that additional step that you suddenly end up getting back into work mode.