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Platform Engineer#

The purpose of the platform engineering team is to ensure the availability and health of client infrastructure. We ensure that we have an effective product to sell, and that it remains online, and in continually top condition. We are the team that allows to provide the service that we offer to clients.


  • Manages, maintains and monitors all clusters
  • Manages, maintains and monitors global Lagoon Infrastructure
  • Monitors all production sites
  • Reacts to infrastructure alerts and outages reported from customers via Support Team
  • Provides Customer Emergency phone support (also on-call)
  • Continuously improves the Platform
  • Coordinates with external partners to ensure stable platforms
  • Guarantees platform and website uptime SLA
  • Coordinates with Lagoon Team for Lagoon Features, Releases, Issues
  • Coordinates with and supports Security Team
  • Monitors, analyses and optimizes infrastructure costs with help of knowledge from Business Operations Team and tooling from Internal IT Ops Team

The Tech you’ll be using on the daily:#

  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Infratstructure Providers: AWS, GCP, Azure
  • Terraform, Syn, Helm
  • PagerDuty