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Welcome to You are part of a fully distributed and open source team now. In this section of our handbook we will cover all the information you need to get started as easy as possible.


You will be assigned a onboarding buddy. This is usually a team member that has been with for some time. Your buddy will be the primary contact for all the questions that might arise. You will shadow your buddy on the first few days, learning how we work directly on the job. You will switch roles and take the helm, when your buddy feels you are ready. Your buddy will then observe and help you where needed.


We will create your accounts early on so you can already get situated. No worries if it might be a bit much - we will cover most of it during your first few onboarding hours. If in doubt you can always reach out to your buddy.

First weeks#

You will also receive a document from our recruitment manager that outlines your first days. Your team lead will be in touch with you every step of the way. Feel free to ask them all the questions you might have.

The document you receive will cover what to expect on your first day and give you a brief overview on the meetings happening in the first week.

What meetings to expect:

  • 1:1 with your Team Lead
  • Meet the entire team during our stand-ups (see also Regular Meetings)
  • Sync with our recruitment manager
  • Meet our fabulous admin team regarding administrative topics
  • Meeting the Chairperson of the Amazee Group.

Your Setup#

We work hard on making sure your setup arrives well before your first day. It will include the work gear you have previously chosen, the onboarding document from our recruitment manager, and enough swag to get started.