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Maintenance Process#

Changes need to be filed as AIOP Tickets until Friday's End of Business to be included in the next maintenance window. Tickets need to be tagged with Maintenance and ideally the cluster name if it's something that only affects a subset of clusters. After the ticket has been created, please mention the ticket in #aio-platform-maintenance channel so it can get reviewed and taken into consideration.

On Monday, those tickets are reviewed, and the maintenance window is planned.

When are maintenance windows happening#

Maintenance windows for each region EMEA, AMER, and APAC start on Tuesday. The windows are scheduled during the night, so there are minimal disruptions to cluster availability. Maintenance windows happen after 22:00 in each respective Timezone. The maintenance window lasts for 6 hours.

Current maintenance window times for each region are set to the following:

  • EMEA Timezone 2000 UTC / 2200 CET or CEST
  • APAC Timezone 1200 UTC / 1400 CET or CEST
  • AMER Timezone 0800 UTC / 1000 CET or CEST

Reasons for not running maintenance windows#

  • Change freezes (e.g. End of Year Freeze)

How are maintenance windows communicated?#

Regular maintenance windows are communicated via This is fully automated via the fleetcontrol > statuspagescheduler.

Can maintenance windows be skipped?#

Maintenance windows for cloud customers can't be skipped, as we need to ensure the security and stability of the platform.

There are cases where maintenance windows can be skipped for customers that run dedicated clusters. Skipping maintenance windows needs to be discussed and announced to the platform team as early as possible to ensure that the customer is aware of the risks.

Change Freeze#

We conduct change freezes around the end of the year. During this time, we do not run maintenance windows. This is to ensure that we do not introduce any changes that could impact the stability of the platform during the holiday season. This only impacts platform operations; deployments will continue to work without limitations during this time. There are possibilities for emergency maintenance windows, e.g., if a highly critical issue needs to be patched within the timeframes of our emergency patching policy.

Change freeze communication#

We will remove the respecive maintenance windows to not have them on the statuspage. We will also communicate the change freeze towards the Technical Account Managers.