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Slack Channels#

We use a lot of slack channels to organize our day-to-day discussions. Following a list of the most important channels and their intended usage.

Channel Name Usage
#aio-labs-support welcome to amazeeio-support for the Amazee Group, the place to ask the system engineers questions regarding Lagoon and how to install a wall plug without getting electrocuted
#aio-platform Daily Operations Channel for the Platform Team
#aio-platform-maintenance The channel where the maintenance is announced and communication happens during maintenance being carried out
#aio-support Daily Operations Channel for the Support Team
#aio-vshn Ops Channel of and VSHN, anything related Maintenance, outages, operations is discussed here
#aio-workstream-platform Async Channel for Platform Workstream related discussions e.g. regular OKR discussions, PD Discussions
#amazeeio-accountmgmt Account Management related topics
#amazeeio-announcements Announcement Channel for IO related things - Conversations in threads only.
#amazeeio-aws AWS Related Discussions (Cost Savings, New Launches etc.)
#amazeeio-gcp The GCP version of the AWS channel :)
#amazeeio-handbook Discussions around the handbook and areas of improvement
#amazeeio-lagoon Discussions for development of Lagoon.
#amazeeio-log Log of Changes or Interventions for the other Teams to catch up quickly on changes that took place during their off-time. Please use threads for replies to posts
#amazeeio-marketing Marketing related stuff
#amazeeio-pagerduty If a pager falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? - Pagerduty notification only, please discuss in #amazeeio-ops
#amazeeio-pm Project Management related discussions
#amazeeio-sales related to new sales opportunity not established accounts and clients
#amazeeio-servicedesk Notifications from Servicedesk the support ticketing system
#amazeeio-team the best team and channel in the world
#amazeeio-triage Support Ticket Notifications
#amazeeio-wdydt Short for "What did you do Today" - Write down what you did today when you log off in case you can’t join the standup. - NO conversations in the channel, please use Threads!
#amazeeio-website talking about the new website!
#it-workstream Bring your IT needs and find help here. Also used from announcements regarding the Workstream, such as availability and absences.
#oncallselfie take a selfie while handling on-call situations ;)
#social-zurich For local gatherings, discussions or if someone passes by in Zurich

More general/fun Channels#

This is an incomplete list of off business topic channels:

Channel Name Purpose
#coffee-of-the-day Share your daily coffee, talk about beans, your setup, and process, latte art... be your own barista.
#amazeeio-wellbeing all focused on a work life balance and a mental health support resource thread
#amazee-vanlife Amazee Van Life - For those living, or interested in camper van trips, living, and building
#amazee-usa-politics Amazee USA Politics - Discussion thread for US political topics
#amazee-trading Amazee Trading - Financial trading and investment topics
#amazee-space Amazee Space - For all space related topics
#amazee-sailing Many of us enjoy the occasional turn out in the open, or following the prestigious races...
#amazee-sailing Amazee Sailing - For those who like to be on the water
#amazee-readers Amazee Readers - For those who like to read
#amazee-random The name gives it away - Random things
#amazee-quarantine Amazee Quarantine - To discuss any pandemic topic, worries, or updates
#amazee-plants Amazee Plants - For all things Horticultural
#amazee-pets Amazee Pets - Where we share our pet picks and stories
#amazee-music Amazee Music - For, well, Music topics.
#amazee-makers A healthy dose of wood-working, soldering, 3d printing and making
#amazee-kids Amazee Kids - For parents or carers of Amazee to share experiences and discussions
#amazee-history Amazee History - For all history related discussions and sharing
#amazee-hiking Amazee Hiking - Great for hiking pics, tips, and routes
#amazee-gamers Amazee Gamers - For those which game
#amazee-foodies Where you can find awesome cookery, recipes, and find some inspiration for your next cooking adventure.
#amazee-events Amazee Events - For event updates
#amazee-crypto Discuss whats happening with your crypto investments and share knowledge around this topic.