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Policy on the Use of Generative AI Tools# sees great opportunity in generative AI tools such as Bard, ChatGPT, and Github Co-Pilot and encourages their use. However, it is important to consider security, privacy, confidentiality, and legal issues when using these tools.

Currently no tools have been approved for use with internal, sensitive, or confidential organizational data. Should any tools be approved for such purposes, this document will be updated accordingly.

This policy applies to all generative AI tools, unless specifically stated otherwise.


You are responsible for using generative AI tools in a secure manner.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Preventing passwords, secrets, and other confidential or sensitive information from being submitted.


  • Do not submit any code containing API secrets.
  • Do not submit customer names, email addresses, or data.
  • Do not submit passwords of any kind.


You are responsible for protecting the privacy of personal and company data when using generative AI tools.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Do not submit information that can be used to identify yourself or others.
  • Do not use generative AI tools to collect or store personal data without the consent of the individual.


  • Do not submit any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as a user's name, email, address, etc.

Intellectual property#

You are responsible for respecting the intellectual property rights of others when using generative AI tools.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Do not use generative AI tools to create content which infringes on the copyright or trademark of another party.
  • Do not use generative AI tools to create content which is false or misleading.
  • Understanding the ownership of the content which was generated based on your prompt.


  • Internal source code, such as terraform configurations, is intellectual property.
  • Generated responses you receive from a prompt may contain copyrighted information.


You are responsible for how the information generated by AI tools is used.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Not using any generated code, text or other content without thorough review and verification.
  • Being aware that the information you receive can be inaccurate or misleading.


  • Code generated based on your prompt may be flawed, wrong, or even dangerous to use.
  • Facts included in generated output may not be accurate or true.