Ensures the security of and Lagoon - The Night's Watch


  • Ensures security of all resources and systems (Monitoring of Security Status of Platform & Lagoon)

  • Writes and maintains security policy documents

  • Coordinates and works with customer & community security teams during security incidents & security audits

  • Leads investigations during security incidents and coordinates with all required parties (internal - platform, lagoon, it ops and external)

  • Ensures high security awareness of employees with awareness campaigns

  • Monitors security bulletins of open source and governments and reacts accordingly

  • Coordinates with Amazee Group security team

  • Maintains Risk Register for and Lagoon

  • Supports Sales with team with security questions from Sales Leads


  • Fix actual security issues



Current Staffing

  • Team Lead: Michael (Head of Technology)

  • Davis (Security Engineer)

  • Scott (Security Engineer)

  • Management Sponsor: Michael (Head of Technology)