Development and evolution of customer-facing tools, primarily our application delivery superhero, Lagoon.


  • Implements and Maintains Lagoon Codebase (Charts, Core, Remote, Images, Examples, etc.)

  • Manages and coordinates exchange with other Open Source Tools (Lando, etc.)

  • Manages and Maintains Marketing for Lagoon Brand

  • Coordinates joint marketing campaigns with marketing team

  • Organizes Lagoon specific Webinars/Office hours

  • Organizes Lagoon appearance at Events with help of marketing team

  • Maintains Lagoon Documentation and Training Videos

  • Coordinates with other open source communities and Foundations

  • Provides customer research, UI/UX knowledge, service design, documentation, training to other teams.


  • Run, Deploy and Maintain Lagoon 24/7

  • Deciding on implementation of non-Lagoon features



  • Product Lead/Owner

  • Product Designer

  • Community Manager, Developer Advocate

  • Software Engineer

  • Developer Experience Engineer

  • Documentation & Training

Current Staffing

  • Team Lead: Toby (Product Lead)

  • Alanna (Developer Advocate, Documentation & Training)

  • Ben (Software Engineer)

  • Blaize (Software Engineer, Developer Experience Engineer)

  • Brandon (Software Engineer)

  • Tim (Software Engineer, Developer Experience Engineer)

  • Management Sponsor: Michael (Head of Technology)