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  • Manages all tools used by (IAM, MFA, renewal, etc.)
  • Manages & maintains all tools developed by IT team (IAM, MFA, renewal, etc.)
  • Maintains & prioritizes internal IT operations backlog together with Head of Technology
  • Receives requests from all teams and implements feature requests from internal IT operations backlog with either SaaS solutions or implements themselves
  • Coordinates security topics with security team
  • Kickstarts, creates and maintains policy and compliance documents database
  • Drives certifications (getting certification project up and running, coordination with external audit partner and other involved internal teams, recertification planning)


  • No customer contact
  • Manage, maintain and monitor platforms needed for internal IT operations
  • Research of business cases for requests
  • Responsible for the content of policy and compliance documents
  • Implement changes in other workstreams due to certification needs

How we Deliver on our Responsibilities#


On- and Offboarding#

On- and Offboarding is planned and proceded according to the internal process documentation, in collaboration with the BizOps team.

Request Handling#

We have an IT Workstream channel which is where the team can post requests as they arise. Some requests or tasks emerge from regular or adhoc syncs with other Workstream Leads. Requests may also be filed via the Jira help portal or reacted to with the specific ticket emoji in the designated Slack channel to automatically create a Jira ticket from a post.



  • IT Lead
  • IT Operations Engineer (planned)

Current Staffing#