Internal IT operations. Owner of the internal tool suite, certifications.


  • Manages all tools used by (IAM, MFA, renewal, etc.)

  • Manages & maintains all tools developed by IT team (IAM, MFA, renewal, etc.)

  • Maintains & prioritizes internal IT operations backlog together with CTO

  • Receives requests from all teams and implements feature requests from internal IT operations backlog with either SaaS solutions or implements themselves

  • Coordinates group tooling with Amazee Group Systems Admin team

  • Coordinates security topics with security team

  • Kickstarts, creates and maintains policy and compliance documents database

  • Drives certifications (getting certification project up and running, coordination with external audit partner and other involved internal teams, recertification planning)


  • No customer contact

  • Manage, maintain and monitor platforms needed for internal IT operations

  • Research of business cases for requests

  • Responsible for the content of policy and compliance documents

  • Implement changes in other workstreams due to certification needs



Current Staffing