Client Services


    Responsible for scheduling and resourcing of customer projects across amazee.io
    Responsible for keeping customers informed of project status and delivery schedules
    Responsible for getting estimates and controlling overruns
    Responsible for closing out projects and ensuring handovers are completed to BAU support staff
    Responsible for delivery of project work for customers
    Onboarding new customers to the platform
    Ensuring customer success when using amazee.io hosting services
    Regular interactions with customers to build rapport and improve customer retention
    Providing insights into the health and status of a customers use of amazee.io products and services
    Participation in client roadmap and architecture discussions
    Evangelising feature requests of customers with Lagoon or Platform teams
    Suggesting professional services engagements to customers
    Responsible for customer health and relationships


    No sales or contract negotiations -> Sales
    No IT tasks -> IT
    No platform or Lagoon development & maintenance -> Lagoon & Platform
    No first level support activities -> Support
    No support of support tooling -> Support



    Technical Account Manager
    Customer Engagement Manager
    Future role: Training/Onboarding Specialist

Current Staffing


    1 x TAM Europe
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