Client Services


  • Responsible for scheduling and resourcing of customer projects across

  • Responsible for keeping customers informed of project status and delivery schedules

  • Responsible for getting estimates and controlling overruns

  • Responsible for closing out projects and ensuring handovers are completed to BAU support staff

  • Responsible for delivery of project work for customers

  • Onboarding new customers to the platform

  • Ensuring customer success when using hosting services

  • Regular interactions with customers to build rapport and improve customer retention

  • Providing insights into the health and status of a customers use of products and services

  • Participation in client roadmap and architecture discussions

  • Evangelising feature requests of customers with Lagoon or Platform teams

  • Suggesting professional services engagements to customers

  • Responsible for customer health and relationships


  • No sales or contract negotiations -> Sales

  • No IT tasks -> IT

  • No platform or Lagoon development & maintenance -> Lagoon & Platform

  • No first level support activities -> Support

  • No support of support tooling -> Support



  • Technical Account Manager

  • Customer Engagement Manager

  • Future role: Training/Onboarding Specialist

Current Staffing


  • 1 x TAM Europe