Keeping the engine running


  • Responsible for billing, receipting and payment reminders to ensure revenue comes in

  • Responsible for supplier management and payment, that all business expenses and services are settled

  • Pay employee salaries, along with payslips and expense reimbursement

  • Responsible for all financial administration and accounting (banking, reconciliations, taxes, VAT, reporting)

  • Business registration and administration

  • Owns the contract management process for employees, administration and suppliers - including filing digital or otherwise

  • Administrative tasks for employees (new hire paperwork, work contracts, registrations, insurances, adjustments) - during onboarding and offboarding, as well as ongoing

  • Implementation and tracking of employee related policies and benefits (time tracking, leave, reclaimed hours, benefit budgets, etc)

  • Owns the tools and supplier relationships related to Finance and HR

  • Business reporting and forecasting on expenses, revenue and performance

  • Other administrative tasks such as physical mail, voicemail, travel support

  • Leading the hiring process, including overall ownership of all on and off-boarding topics

  • Support annual reviews and their ongoing development

  • Retention strategy and employee wellbeing

  • Creating tools to support business intelligence

  • Support other workstreams in creating internal reports, tracking tools, etc


  • Client budget tracking

  • Client relationships and database management, i.e Hubspot

  • Contract management for clients

  • Technical on/off-boarding > IT

  • Providing qualified legal advice

  • Office related administration



Current Staffing