Common Customer Requests

Customers who fail to settle their service bill

If a customer fails to settle their service bill as of 30 days of being overdue we will enforce following service restrictions:

  • Level 1: 30-60 days of unsettled bills - Cutoff of Support services

  • Level 2: 61-90 days of unsettled bills - Cutoff of Deployments

  • Level 3: 91+ days of unsettled bills - Termination of services till the outstanding amount is settled in full.

Cutoff of Deployments

Security is a top priority: In case of a critical security release, we will re-enable deployments for this occasion.

Load Testing, Security or Penetration Testing

Generally, we allow platform/infrastructure testing on customer applications. The information below needs to be communicated to Support via [email protected] at least two weeks before the testing phase.

  • Testing Vectors and Scope

  • Point of Contact (Name, Email, Phone-Number) which we can get in touch with to stop the testing, if necessary

  • Originating IPs

  • Traffic volume

  • Target websites

  • Start and end times

Broader Security- and Load Testing

Broader security testing needs to be communicated at least 4-weeks in advance.

  • Load Testing of the Customer applications

  • Security Testing of the Lagoon Infrastructure