Business Intelligence Engineer

What responsibilities this role has

  • Collaborate to identify, plan, and implement data tracking and visualization reports on dedicated and cloud hosting metrics

    • Example. Implement arbitrary reports that would allow to see project over time revenue for geographic regions

  • Provide regular and timely updates/reports (Quarterly, Monthly, and On-Demand)

  • Manage and track the ongoing data collection sub systems for accuracy and reliability

  • Help breakdown and identify where our infrastructure costs are coming from by specific projects and groups

  • Help Create revenue and infrastructure forecasts

Who this role works with together (Stakeholders)

  • Executive Team: Amazee Group Partners CTO, CFO‚Äč

  • Managers & Team Leads

  • Sales Team

  • Engineering teams

How this role works with:

Executive Team

  • Report and identify potential areas of growth and opportunities

  • Report and identify potential issues or contractions

  • Generate reports that help track these goals over time

Managers & Team Leads

  • Share results and potential issues

Sales Team

  • Share potential opportunities for growth

Lagoon Engineering team

  • Empower the engineers to focus on investing in solving problems that have business value

  • Identifies goals and works to break down into actionable tasks that can be assigned and delegated to the engineering team

  • Helps contextualize and evaluate engineering initiatives to the larger business value objectives