Special Circles
Special Circles are about making governance decisions affecting the whole company consisting of members that carry a specific role.


Board members elected by the shareholders are accountable for the overall domain of amazee.io.
A Representative of the Management (currently the CEO) joins Board meetings and asynchronous communication without voting rights to ensure the flow of information.
The board is currently consistent of:
  • Gregory Gerhardt (Amazee Group Chairman, Founder)
  • Dania Gerhardt (Amazee Group CFO, Founder)
  • Michael Schmid (Amazee Group Head Technology, Founder)


amazee.io employees having the Management Member role form the Management Circle and are accountable for the Business Operations.
The Management is currently consistent of the executive sponsors of each workstreams:
  • Franz (CEO - Marketing, BizOps)
  • Michael (Head of Technology - IT, Lagoon, Platform, Security)
  • Thom (Head of Services - Client Services, Client Support)
  • Martin (Head of Sales - Sales)
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