Slack Channels

We use a lot of slack channels to organize our day-to-day discussions. Following a list of the most important channels and their intended usage.

Channel Name



Announcement Channel for IO related things - Conversations in threads only.


the best team and channel in the world


Log of Changes or Interventions for the other Teams to catch up quickly on changes that took place during their off-time. Please use threads for replies to posts


Ops Channel of and VSHN, anything related Maintenance, outages, operations is discussed here


If a pager falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? - Pagerduty notification only, please discuss in #amazeeio-ops


Short for "What did you do Today" - Write down what you did today when you log off in case you canโ€™t join the standup. - NO conversations in the channel, please use Threads!


Discussions for development of Lagoon.


talking about the new website!


Notifications from Servicedesk the support ticketing system

#amazeeio-marketing Marketing related stuff

#amazeeio-pm Project Management related discussions


related to new sales opportunity not established accounts and clients


welcome to amazeeio-support for the Amazee Group, the place to ask the system engineers questions regarding Lagoon and how to install a wall plug without getting electrocuted

#amazeeio-accountmgmt Account Management related topics


take a selfie while handling on-call situations ;)


Discussions around the handbook and areas of improvement


AWS Related Discussions (Cost Savings, New Launches etc.)


The GCP version of the AWS channel :)


Daily Operations Channel for the Platform Team


Daily Operations Channel for the Support Team

More general/fun Channels

There's also a List in our Wiki :โ€‹

Channel Name



A healthy dose of wood-working, soldering, 3d printing and making


Share your daily coffee, talk about beans, your setup and process, latte art...


We have several language channels, currently covering German, Italian, Spanish, French and English


The name gives it away - Random things


Well for people living in a ๐Ÿš or Trailer or build out one of those vehicles