We plan the standup for about 30 minutes. We try to be considerate of everyone's time. The core standup will take around 15 minutes. And covers work that has been done during the day and blockers that you need help with. We usually keep the first part short.

In case we have something that needs attention and being handed over the ticket should be flagged so we find someone to dispatch it to.

After that, we have time to discuss further things that came up during the first 15 minutes that might need more insights. After the first part of the standup wraps people are free to leave.

We run daily standups. Those last for about 30 minutes and a big part of this is handing over the work to the next team.

While we all are in different timezones and Daylight Saving Time is a fact in many locations. Dates and Times might shift around.

WDYDT? What did you do Today?

If you can't make it to the standup just update the #amazeeio-wdydt Channel with your tasks of the day and also if something needs to be handed over. It's best to link the ticket in your message and state that this needs to be handed over so the next team can take over.

Standup Times

Handover between

Time UTC

Timezone Helper

AU/NZ (Intra APAC Standup)


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  • During DST the AU/EU Standup shifts about 30 minutes from 08:00 to 08:30 UTC

The Daily Watercooler

A remote team needs to mingle every once in a while. The watercooler starts half an hour before the regular standup and everyone is free to join.

Global Staff Meeting

The Global Staff Meeting is held every other week, and moves around between EU/US and US/AU every other meeting.

Staff Meeting Times

Handover between

Time UTC

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Monthly Group Briefing & GT2

Leads Meeting

The leads meeting is as the name indicates for the leads - Topics discussed :

  • Hiring

  • Team Availability and Vacation Planning

  • Conference Planning

  • Education

  • Half year reviews