🐶 🐱 Pets of Amazee - We love pets here at Amazee and encourage you to add your pets so we can admire them.

Watercooler - 30 minutes before standup, we have an optional watercooler chat, just to hang out - talk shop or not, but it helps us connect with our remote coworkers.

Girls’ Club - Just a casual optional Zoom for the ladies (and any other non-male-identifying folks). Every two weeks on Thurs at 4 Eastern/3 Central.

Donut/Remote Coffee - we have a Slack channel (#amazee-remote-coffee) that you can join, and we have a service called Donut that will pair you up with another member of the channel for a short “coffee break” so you can meet Amazees from Labs and Metrics and get to know people you might not otherwise meet! You can also set it to do things like exclude the folks you already know.

We also sometimes host virtual events like games, quizzes, and just hangouts for the team, especially now that we're currently unable to get together in person. Always feel free to suggest or schedule a team event yourself!